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Singular Design. Broad Impact.

About, Etc.


Etcetera is a design and innovation group focused on creating singular design through novel and elegant solutions for broad impact. Our agility has its foundation in the design of spaces, products and systems. Scaling down from the building to its components, and scaling up from products to systems is at the core of our expertise. We believe in creating in-depth, long term relationships to develop, design and innovate, while growing with our partners as their needs expand. We build strategic partnerships that provide greater value to our clients through access to a greater network of partners and projects to test ideas and achieve results.









To energise a relationship we Activate; a process during which we engage and explore your key values, providing divergent outcomes. Activation revolves around exploring those key values toward the development of your company’s portfolio, or assisting to find your next strategic direction. 

Product manufacturers and strategic partners are likely to have similar challenges. Etcetera has the experience to investigate each uniquely.


As a relationship moves forward we will Integrate; a process during which we project and implement new opportunities for our partners. Integration is about bringing a collaborative idea to life and creating increasing value. 

The relationships ow both ways in an exchange of ideas and development of projects. This exchange and our product becomes specific for each partner.


An established relationship allows us to Accelerate; a pro- cess during which we increase growth and craft unique quality with our partner. True acceleration is created through novelty and impact for Etcetera and our partners. 

Multiple partners are needed to solve complex challenges and develop novel products. This is where the full value of the Strategic Partner Network is realized.




Robert Henderson - Development Director

In 20 years of design experience Robert has been involved with every scale of design and production, from particles to massive infrastructure. He maintains a passion for new materials and details as key elements to achieving novel and elegant design.  Before founding Etcetera, he spent many years as an architect, designer and innovator with influential architecture offices in the US and Europe.  Along the way, Robert was greatly influenced by fellow students, instructors and mentors in Los Angeles, Paris and Atlanta.  When not occupied with the work of Etcetera, Robert is a father, a devotee of too many podcasts, an obsessive runner, an avid hiker, and a restorer of vintage bicycles.

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